4 Weird Brain Tricks to Boost Your Creativity


Researchers discovered that those who like their work are more inventive and successful. It’s essential to maintain your creativity and productivity in the wake of the pandemic without compromising your health and wellbeing. How can you expect to succeed in your work or in life if you can’t take care of yourself first?

Being able to take care of your brain, the area of your body that governs everything you do, is even more crucial. It is magical when it is operating at a high level, such as when one is in a state of flow.

The absolute finest thing? Anyone may teach their brain to perform more cognitively, allowing them to think more clearly, get more insight, and have more creative breakthroughs.

These four actions will help you have a more creative and productive mind.

1. Put yourself in new situations

Want to have more inspiration and insight strike you without warning? According to research, looking for locations you’ve never been in is the best method to stimulate the imagination. Your next business offsite won’t produce new insights if you hold it in a standard conference room at a standard five-star hotel. Instead, fresh perspectives and novel settings—any situation in which the brain struggles to predict what will happen next—are what lead to new discoveries.

2. Dream on

The right-brained method of thinking is the doorway to more original ideas and creative breakthroughs, according to the book Imagine: How Creativity Works. Eliminating intense attention, a left-brain activity that can cause stress and impair your imagination, is one of the book’s advised brain hacks. Instead, according to the research, allowing for more abstract thought to develop (a right-brain activity) can foster greater creative insight. To do this, one strategy is to engage in “constructive daydreaming” while engaging in a soothing activity. How many times have you had a hot shower or bath and then had a sudden, fantastic idea?

3. Give workers considerable latitude to act as they choose

According to research, workers who are allowed free time throughout the workday to pursue their interests—whether it’s a side project, experimentation with something new, or a hobby—are much more likely to think of new or creative ideas. This conveys the crucial message that the employer has faith in the employees’ ability to solve problems and handle their time effectively.

4. Let people play

People who enjoy their work are more creative and productive, make better judgments, and get along better with coworkers, according to research. In addition, they are significantly less likely than those who aren’t having fun to miss work or call in sick. According to a study from the University of Toronto, increasing play activities at work can help people think more creatively and improve their happiness. According to studies, there are five primary ways that a joyful workplace environment can enhance work quality and mental health:

  • Fun relieves boredom and exhaustion.
  • Fun satisfies social demands of people.
  • Creativity and willingness to assist are both boosted by fun.
  • Fun makes communication better.
  • Having fun diffuses conflict and tension.

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