5 tips for sleeping well while eating better

  1. A healthy dinnertime diet helps you sleep well; nevertheless, you should try to limit your protein intake, especially if it comes from animals. Favor seafood and beans for protein.

2. Eating light is important, so make sure your evening meal contains fruits and vegetables. These foods are simple to digest and help with sleep-inducing mechanisms thanks to fiber and vitamins.

3. At dinner, stay away from processed and high-fat items. Fats slow down digestion, which has a negative impact on sleep.

4. It is advised to drink herbal tea, tea, or milk that helps with sleep after dinner and right before retiring for the night. The best herbal teas are those brewed with chamomile, mallow, and hawthorn.

5. Pay attention to the seasonings as well. Iodized salt and extra virgin olive oil are ideal, but they should always be used in moderation to avoid provoking the opposite effect.

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