5 unusual pets that will make you fall in love


Fennec fox

This small animal native to the desert is small in size and very intelligent, so much so that it knows how to use the litter box like cats do. It will make you fall in love, we are sure!

Domestic hedgehog

Quite loving, mostly awake at night. They require a lot of attention, especially when they are young, and are extremely delicate and intelligent.

The dwarf piglet

The dwarf piglet is a sweet and loyal pet, but also very clean, contrary to what you might think. It needs large spaces, so it does not do well in an apartment.

Sugar petaurus

The sweet petaurus will win your heart because it enjoys playing and is devoted and cuddly. They are nocturnal creatures and are regarded as among of the best exotic pets that a household might own. Try it to believe it!

Common genet

Common genets are sweet animals native to Africa-these wonderful creatures look as if they were born from a cross between a cat and a ferret.


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