6 Tips for Making Vacations More Affordable

No matter where you choose to go on vacation, there are a number of ways to reduce the cost of any trip. Here are a few simple methods to save a few dollars:
  1. Bring your own snacks and lunches instead than purchasing expensive meals at museums or other sites.

2. Prepare supper in your RV. You can cut costs on meals by cooking in your RV and bringing your own lunch.

3. In museums, zoos, and other attractions, look for free days. Visit the attractions’ website to learn about any promotions or free days.

4. Step outdoors! Many locations provide free access to hiking trails, beaches, and lakes.

5. Go somewhere close by to save on gas. Every trip doesn’t have to be cross-country.

6. Locate a location close to your house that you’ve always wanted to visit!


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