How the globe observed Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Spectators watch the service on a big screen in Cape Town


Presidents, prime ministers, and foreign monarchs attended the state burial of Queen Elizabeth II, which was held in Westminster Abbey.

However, tens of millions more people watched the live broadcast, making it one of the most watched events in history.

Just a few of the BBC’s journalists attended the funeral of Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Nepal: “Our nation has lost a longtime friend.”
Yogita Limaye, from Nepal

A special screening of the Queen’s funeral is being attended by British Gurkha veterans in Kathmandu, Nepal.

It’s a touching moment for the men who spent their entire working life serving the Queen thousands of miles from London.

Many Gurkhas in the UK military served as the Queen’s orderly officers, escorting her to military investiture ceremonies in addition to serving in the Gurkha regiment.

“She was a very generous monarch. God grant her soul peace “said Retd Major Bhim Bahadur Gurung, a 1975 orderly for the Queen.

A Buddhist monk lights candles for butter lamps during a prayer session to mark the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal

IMAGE SOURCE,EPA-EFE/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK Image caption: Monks pray for the Queen in Nepal’s capital, Kathmand

At a Kathmandu monastery earlier in the day, prayers were said for Queen Elizabeth. Buddhist words or mantras were recited by monks as they prayed for peace for the Queen and everyone associated with her. People burned candles in Her Majesty’s honor. There was a moment of quiet observed.

“For us Gurkhas, it’s a tremendous loss. additionally for Nepal. Our relationship with the royal family is excellent “Major Yam Bahadur Rana stated.

One of the reasons Nepal was not a colony of the British Empire is the more than 200-year-old agreement that permits Gurkhas to serve in the UK military. As a result, the British monarchy is very well-liked in the nation.

President of Nepal Bidhya Devi Bhandari remarked, “With the passing of the Queen, Britain has lost its dedicated and caring parent and Nepal has lost an old friend and well-wisher.”

“The parade left a lump in my throat,” the United Arab Emirates
Dubai’s Sameer Hashmi

On board the Queen Elizabeth 2 in Dubai, where hundreds have gathered to see the historic state funeral, the atmosphere is solemn. Watching the Queen’s final voyage onboard the 13-deck former cruise ship bearing her name is an emotional experience for many.

The Queen launched the British cruise ship in Scotland in 1969. It traveled the globe for 40 years before being retired in 2008 and being purchased by a Dubai government organization. Since 2018, it has being run as a floating hotel.

A woman takes a photo of the Queen Elizabeth II hotel

IMAGE SOURCE,ALAMY Image caption: The QE2 sailed the world for 40 years before becoming a hotel in Dubai

More than 3,000 people have stopped by the ship to leave their condolences since the Queen’s passing. A photograph of the late Queen is displayed next to the book, and many people have left flowers, notes of appreciation, cards, and soft toys by Queen Elizabeth II’s gold bust.

One teary-eyed mourner described it as one of the most “breaking and upsetting” events of her life, and another said she had to fight back tears multiple times throughout the entire ceremony.

“A lump formed in my throat at the grandeur of the occasion with the casket draped with the flag, the crown, and the procession.”

People watch the funeral service in a bar on the hotel and former ocean liner, QE2

Hundreds watched on board the former ocean liner, the QE2

We were both born on the same day in South Africa.
Johannesburg’s Lebo Diseko

Around 30 pensioners cram the television room at an assisted living facility for the aged in Johannesburg to watch Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

Union flags are displayed throughout the Pioneer House Care Center room, and a picture of Queen Elizabeth and former South African President Nelson Mandela hangs on the wall. The elderly people enjoy tea, scones, and jam while they wait for the service to start.

Mireille Spilg in a suit and sparkling brooch

Mireille dressed up to watch the service at her residential home

Following that, I probe locals about their sentiments and what Queen Elizabeth means to them.

Rose Green remarks, “The music was amazing, and the entire setup was lovely.” “We have always respected [the Queen] because we have always known her. I was surprised to learn of her passing.”

For the service, Mireille Spilg is dressed in a chic suit embellished with a brilliant brooch.

“We shared the same day of birth. To me, she was very, very unique “she claims.

When asked what the Queen meant to her, Marielle replies: “She was an extrovert. Because of this, she was truly unique.”

A short while later, I have a conversation with a woman who just goes by Deborah. She talks about spending Remembrance Day in 2005 in London.

Kenya: It’s “extremely special” to honor the Queen
Nancy Ki, Anne Soy

The Queen’s life and her close relationship to the military have been on the minds of British soldiers in Kenya.

At their base in Batuk, the soldiers gathered to watch the funeral on television. Despite being hundreds of miles from home, they paid respect to their late Commander-in-Chief, who they say “could sympathise with service men,” as they pondered on her life of service and the passing of a historic period.

British soldiers watch the Queen's funeral

British soldiers in a base

Col. Duncan Mann, the commander of the unit, spoke proudly of receiving a commission from his Queen and of donning decorations bearing her likeness.

He added in front of dozens of soldiers and some of their family members, “She was omnipresent in our bases and emblems.”

The troops identified with the military service of the Queen’s own family. Kennedy Mutonga, a sergeant from Kenya, told the BBC that the Queen’s dedication and service were what motivated him to enlist in the British army.

He said, “She treated everyone fairly and with a grin.” He considered it “extremely special” to honor the Queen.

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