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The cheapest European city getaway location is Athens

Parthenon at night on Acropolis at Athens Greece

Prices have decreased, and a weekend in the Greek capital now costs £207 as opposed to £218 in the second-place city. Lisbon

Tourists take a selfie at the Acropolis. Prices in Athens have fallen 15% since 2021.  Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

In comparison to more well-known, less expensive eastern European locations, Athens has been named the continent’s least expensive city break destination.

Prices in the Greek capital have decreased by 15% since 2021, according to Post Office Travel Money’s analysis of a dozen average tourist expenditures for UK tourists in 20 well-known locations.

The total cost of the trip, which included two nights of hotel lodging for a couple, meals, admission passes to local attractions, and local transportation costs, was £207, as opposed to £218 in Lisbon, the second-place finisher.

Both cities outperformed eastern locations including Krakow in Poland (£219), Riga in Latvia (£220), and Budapest in Hungary (£221), which are known for having affordable pricing.

The Post Office claimed that this was the first time in 15 years that a city in western Europe has been identified as the least expensive.

According to Nick Boden, the head of Post Office Travel Money, which handles a quarter of all UK foreign exchange transactions, “People who are willing to swap to a city with a lower cost of living can make their pounds go much further. Established favorites like Paris, Amsterdam, and Venice may be top choices among the vacationers we surveyed, but they are also expensive places to visit.

“The cost of living in Athens and Lisbon is half that of other cities, and they both have pleasant autumn weather. We advise vacationers to research pricing before making a reservation.

In Athens, notable cheap costs include £38.96 for a two-person dinner with wine, £89 for two nights in a three-star hotel, and £7.79 for a 48-hour transit pass.

According to Post Office Travel Money, the majority of people traveling abroad will take city breaks, making them the most common kind of vacation for the fifth year running.

Despite a 21% increase in prices since last year, Lisbon is ranked.

British citizens need to be aware that the rising costs in Lisbon are similar of those we discovered around Europe and are being fueled by significant rises in lodging costs, according to Boden.

Early this year, as travel restrictions were loosened, demand topped pre-pandemic levels, driving up hotel prices across Europe.

More than six times as expensive as Athens are the cities analyzed.

Stockholm costs $421, Paris costs $423, Dublin costs $436, Copenhagen costs $456, Venice costs $457, and Amsterdam costs $593.

According to a separate Post Office Travel Money study from July, of 16 well-known European destinations, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria and Marmaris in Turkey are both the joint least expensive for a summer vacation.

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