The nine most intelligent creatures on earth



Perhaps surprisingly, orangutans are among the most cognitive creatures on the planet; in fact, they can speak about the past, a trait they share with humans.


Like other domesticated animals, mice have shown preferences for particular things and people. Instead of acting at random, people make decisions based on what they know or do not know, a process known as metacognition. Rats are simpler to teach than other household rodent species, and they enjoy winning the favor of their owners.


Dogs are capable of picking up on human language, problem-solving, and cause-and-effect interactions. They have the ability to carry out intricate and linked orders. For instance, dogs have been employed for thousands of years to hunt, guard, herd, and sniff out criminals. They can also hear irregular heartbeats and anticipate approaching convulsions.


The parrot is capable of picking up words from human speech and accurately repeating them. Parrots have similar brain development to humans and are capable of abstract thought. They are extremely sociable creatures that need to socialize and spend time with other living things. If not, they go through severe depression. They can use tools to fix issues as well.


The dolphin’s extremely high degree of intelligence is directly related to how well it can communicate and, consequently, how effective its language is. And dolphins, including the bottlenose dolphin, have the same configuration of wavy folds in their cerebral cortex that is strongly tied to human intellect. The cerebral cortex’s volume and brain cells’ capacity for interconnection are both increased by these folds.


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