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Valorant’s latest Christmas bundle has an icy twist

Riot is getting into the Christmas spirit with a new Valorant bundle Cryostasis, skins that freeze with ice-cold shots.

Valorant developer rolls out a new bundle for the holiday season, but it’s mostly a letdown for skin enthusiasts. The green-screen glass bundles are too repetitive for the players, and they make sure the developer knows their likes and dislikes. So, Riot has finally taken notice, delivering Cryostasis. A unique skin collection with realistic visuals.

Cryostasis is different from the previous bundle for many reasons. Unlike Winterwunderland, with its upbeat, cartoonish design, this one features the sturdy body of a real weapon. That’s not just it. Cryostasis has a fun interactive feature.

The game will initiate with metal-grey weapons, with nuts and bolts out in the open. As the match progresses and you land icy shots, the guns will begin to freeze. Specks of ice will blanket your weapon until it’s entirely covered with snow. A hint of metal will still peak through the snow, adding a realistic touch to the Valorant Christmas bundle.

So far, players love the interactive feature, as previous holiday bundles lacked variation. The developer has also added a unique hammer melee, which also freezes throughout the game.

Cryostasis bundle includes skins for: 

  • Vandal
  • Operator
  • Bulldog
  • Classic
  • And melee

How much will Cryostasis cost?

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Previous Christmas bundles were released into the Deluxe category, costing 5,100 Valorant points, so Cryostasis should bear the same price tag. However, this bundle has a unique interaction that might slightly boost the rate.

Cryostasis will release in Valorant patch 5.12, which is slated for December 12. The new update will bring heavy Chamber nerfs, along with tweaks that will change almost all Valorant agents. The final few weeks of episode 5 will be a roller coaster for rank grinders!

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